Multimedia collection to transform your life: Books & Audiobooks

Transform any blockage in your life, reprogramming your subconscious mind, while nourishing your thoughts and emotions with this extraordinary official selection of digital books, which includes authors recommended by

Official collection of eBooks and multimedia material from

These essential books will allow you to learn and apply multiple proven techniques to resolve self-image conflicts, low self-esteem, scattered mind and mental polyphony, anxiety and panic attacks, fear and emotional insecurity , * stages of grief , trauma healing , negative attitude , emotional and mental reactivity * and much more.

This collection is made up of more than 300 books in multiple formats for easy reading on mobile devices (EPUB) and printing (PDF). You also receive an exclusive selection of audiobooks and a collection of guided meditations. Includes exclusive tools to transform your life towards your best version: Affirmations, subliminal messages, NLP, EFT and much more. In addition, we include the Essential Self-coaching Manual: Practical guide to personal transformation with daily exercises to improve your life.

Invest in you: $150 USD

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